Interactive Architecture

Interactive Architecture is Breakthrough Marketing Team’s paradigm or “model” for the design and development of our signature, custom, participant-super-friendly, conversion-centric, truly  “interactive websites.”  Moreover, it dictates our system for producing “online destinations” where users actually “interact.” In other words, not only are we building content-rich websites, but more poignantly, platforms promoting “conversations.” A persistent and beneficial information exchange is critical in the current algorithmic environment, but more importantly, in engaging your local, regional, or global “audience.” Breakthrough Marketing Team creates WordPress CMS, vertical-market technology integrated, dynamic web destinations for our Clients users…Strike that…Their “participants.”

Interactive “terrestrial” (Stationary PC) websites are but one of the obvious “platforms” of “current” importance.  Far more important is the question, “what is your business’s commitment, direction, and M.A.P.” for generating real conversation with your customer, client, and potential “participants?”  Staying ahead of the curve…Keeping your “heels” yards, if not miles away from the exciting, and for some, frighteningly advancing “Google avalanche,” which is still in it’s inception.   Interaction promotes involvement. Involvement and interest are surely and inextricably linked & connected.  As such, Breakthrough Web Development Teams

BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING TEAM Constructs Custom Websites with sturdy foundations, laser-precise mechanisms to capture “conversions,” design each and every “page” or abhorrently referred to as “templates” in psd and eps from the vision to the file!

site-developmentWhether your seeking a firm to build you your first site, rebuild your site so it actually works (all connotations apply), or you refuse to allow your head to stay buried in the sand and with a eureka smile, have come to terms your current online presence and online destination ion particular are simply outdated or just not commensurate with your experience, professionalism, or community thought-leadership.  Humbly, you have found the right team.

Is a 9 year old’s attention span limited?  Do we live in a society where we MUST HAVE what we need when we need it efficiently and ideally without taking our eye of the wheel?  Not in the slightest.  The 3 click rule? Maybe your site has no “Stickiness” No Sales, No Traffic! Well you’ve come to the right place…Taste and strategy combined is what Interactive Architecture is all about!

Breakthrough Marketing Team’s expert designers includes “digital artists” from around the globe. Breakthrough Marketing team will build, retrofit, paint, whatever it takes to Laser Focus Your Traffic On Your Desired Conversion…A sign-up, a sale, a qualified lead…Whatever your online objective, seeing to it that every “external” and “internal” element are seamlessly integrated to “Optimize your DESIGN!”

The saying goes, “if you build it they will come!” The question really is, “Will they STICK around?” How can you provide an environment that sees visitors at least hesitate before moving on? What can be done to your site to increase ROI? What design elements will laser target your audience to clients and customers or clients? Breakthrough Marketing Team will seamlessly integrate aesthetics (making you do a “double-take”) BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…CONVERT visitors into clients and customers and clients! As you may have come to know, this is the foundation of our process…of what Breakthrough Marketing Team have coined, “Optimizing your DESIGN!”

Breakthrough Marketing Team reminds you that the web is a world “market” place. In one way or another, consciously or unconsciously, Breakthrough Marketing Team all “market ourselves” on and off the web! BUT….do Breakthrough Marketing Team “strategically” market ourselves? Greeting visitors with flash animation, streaming video or some other rich media content may be unbelievably “hip,” “visually compelling,” but your destination should be streamlined, in every aspect, to secure your conversion. Breakthrough Marketing Team has at least a few bright ideas to make sure you achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

A-Z Blueprint

The First step in BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING TEAM’s Interactive architecture is to take a true 360 degree look at the client’s site, ideas, objectives…Breakthrough Marketing Team MUST establish a Detailed Blueprint, so we can Optimize Your design!

A web site, is your online storefront, it’s conference room, it’s your lobby, it’s your waiting or treatment room, it’s your public persona for everyone to see. A website in some ways is subjective, taking personal taste & spirit into consideration, BUT, certain colors are soothing, others motivate a purchase….looks and strategy …your input and insight…combined to make a site that you want to tell everyone about. In other words, Breakthrough creates a great web experience Breakthrough Marketing Team will conduct our A-Z Blueprint

..our team combines consumer behavior expertise with web principles & analytics…to creative an EFFECTIVE Design for you.

A-Z Blueprint

Our Interactive Architects effectively “audit” your sight, dissect it, or build it right the first time from scratch!

Team Members Evaluate, diagnose, analyze, measure, plan, strategize, consult, recommend…

Team Members 360 degree look pays close attention to Cost per Conversion? Time to Conversion? And other real powerfully relevant marketing metrics…

Breakthrough Marketing Team seamlessly integrates your existing site….industry/market….your target clients, current customers, competition, and so on, to maximize success.

Functionality is a real consideration…
The ease at which users interact with your site determiners its success!

Users must experience their online session without being confused, distressed or distracted…

Just be User or Visitor Friendly! You must realize that the average time spent on a site is 1.3 mins..72% can’t find what they are actually looking for…83% leave frustrated.

Especially in this TIME starved world we live in, users do not have the time to explore your site for what they are looking for? Laser target your audience to the to the decision…Make the CALL TO ACTION is easy to spot…A little common sense you rarely see on the web.

BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING TEAM Constructs these Custom Web-destinations at amazingly reasonable rates and you learn a whole bunch along the way! Introduce yourself to us at 866-514-3020!