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Breakthrough Management Team, LLC, DBA Breakthrough Marketing Team (referred to as we or BTMT or Breakthrough Marketing Team here and elsewhere,  prides itself on client relations, customer service, and is wholly dedicated to protecting your information and as such, your privacy. Whether visiting (this website and our forthcoming all-new, soon to be launched, custom-WordPress online destination at this same url), contacting us by email or phone, or of more immediate importance, your information obtained through filling out any “contact us” form throughout our site; rest assured, we respect your privacy and protect your privacy and information. In fact, any information BTMT receives will be held in confidence between our Team and YOU.  Breakthrough Marketing Team will contact you directly, looks forward to answering your questions, solving your issues, designing, developing, and optimizing your online presence, and again, will keep your information safe and secure, and appreciate your reaching out to us for more information.  Once more,  Breakthrough Marketing Team  will never sell, publish, share, trade, or rent the information you have generously and trustingly provided us here at Breakthrough Marketing Team is a Google Engage Agency , Yext Agency Partner , and Breakthrough Marketing Team is an agency affiliate of at our domain and hosting portal, offering discounted domain names, hosting solutions, and the entire range of services provided by GoDaddy and its affiliate agency program Wild West Domains, LLC.  In closing, your information provided is confidential, used only for its intended purpose, and greatly appreciated! Thus, this privacy statement is our complete and full disclosure on how your information provided all be utilized and always protected.