seo-overhaulGoogle handles over 150,000,000 search queries every day, a terrific product and great looking website are simply not enough. Your Website is essentially your “vehicle” for providing your message, product, and/or information to your target market.

Breakthrough Marketing Team’s 360-degree, comprehensive methodology for optimizing your website commences by a complete analysis, inside and out.  First, by “looking under the hood;” a website technical, conversion and design audit is crucial.

More specifically, whether your breakthrough online journey begins with the design and development of a Custom WordPress website, securing guaranteed first page organic placement employing our Breakthrough “System for Guaranteed Organic Success,” or maximizing upstream thrust with focus need of monetizing your site through client and customer acquisition through an individualized multi-platform marketing initiative, a comprehensive website technical audit as well as implementing the necessary modifications is of utmost importance to the success of any internet marketing initiative. Like a 143-point auto inspection, the “health” of your website inside and out, readying your “vehicle” insures greater efficiency, stronger upstream momentum, better placement, and an increase in conversions.

Many elements of your website impact its success and failure, its potential for profit or lack thereof… Unless the elements are inextricably linked together…unless your own site content is spun like a web within the world wide web, you have no hopes of making even the slightest organic impression!

All of these elements are likely nonexistent, buried, or simply waiting to be properly integrated in your site…From Backlinks to Site Development, from “tightly drafted code” to the right amount of “internal links,” to all of the incredibly sophisticated tools guys with experience like ourselves have tucked away for our clients…Pioneers like us who have been in the world wide trenches since 1996! Of course…

Content is Still King!

Although there are many elements of a well-oiled and optimized machine, one of the most powerful are the words Breakthrough Marketing Team choose. Highly analyzed and calculatingly placed Keyword Phrases are at the core of talented SEO…Both external (e.g. well-written articles) and Internal (e.g. site’s code).

Breakthrough Marketing Team conducts a detailed Keyword Analysis whereby our Keyword Analysis Derivate or “KAD,” is produced. Our formula takes into account the number of “Phrase Searches” on Google per month for highly relevant, highly trafficked keyword phrases; it cross-references them with Yahoo, MSN Live Search,, and the number of similarly registered Domains (keywords) on The Open Directory Project.

These figures are divided by the number of competing “phrase results” and multiplied by a factor of 10,000. The resulting number is the keyword phrases “Keyword Analysis Derivate” or KAD. A KAD of “500 or higher is ideal. The higher the more likely we will achieve first page placement. Thus, we can actually GUARANTEE performance. On the example provided below, keep in mind, those just below and over 500 are far more likely to see us on the first page…

Our guarantee is our “call to action!” You give us a shot, if we fail, you get your money back…Simple! Many companies make you play the “wait and see” game…They have you checking regularly waiting around hoping for some movement, some action, anything! Breakthrough Marketing Team guarantees piece of mind. Breakthrough GUARANTEES that your site will appear on the first page of Google, organically, within the first 6 months or YOUR ENTIRE FEE BACK!

Here is a sample Keyword Analysis of A Personal Injury Lawyer deciding to allow us to help him target and secure profitable, national in scope, Truck Accident cases.”

“truck accident attorney” 9900 121000 818.1818182
“truck accident lawyers” 6600 99000 666.6666667
“truck accident attorneys” 4400 69400 634.0057637
“truck accident lawyer” 12100 273000 443.2234432
“semi truck accident lawyer” 1000 11400 877.1929825

SEOverhaul means we do what we HAVE to so YOU get where you WANT to go on Google’s Organic Search Pages…

Some of our other Techniques include:

Google top Ten Local Search Listings;

Backlink Builder;

Email and SMS Marketing;

Custom Lead Generation;

Original Content (Articles, blog Writers, Videos, Ad units);

Blogs and Blog Hosts;

Just to name a few important weapons!

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