Our Approach

Breakthrough’s Approach to Maximizing ROI: One of the most important objectives for business owners is increasing qualified traffic for sales and lead generation. Breakthrough’s approach to online marketing and advertising can be likened to that of a Financial Manager seeking to diversify your portfolio in order to secure the best rate of return.   As would a financial advisor, regular reporting and analysis offers the insight needed to reallocate our Client’s budget.  Likewise, our approach means focusing on those “platforms” performing best, while paying close attention to short, mid, and long-term goals. This “multi-platform approach” provides a unique opportunity to “optimize your campaign” so as to capitalize on the success of several “platforms” concurrently.

Breakthrough Marketing Team, a Google Partner Agency, adheres not only to Google’s Best Practices and Code of Conduct, but considers the reality that GoogleBot and all Search Engine Crawlers appreciate a developers sensitivity to an efficient crawl.  Efficiency reduces the use of energy (and their energy bill!)  Thus, websites developed with super-tight code & consumer-friendly “structured content” are rewarded.  Sadly, others in their haste fail to even pay mind to one of the most important sources, so powerful in its simplicity, Google’s  Basic Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

Breakthrough Marketing Team “gets it.”  Surprising to many, this vigilance to website development results in upstream leaps for our search engine optimization and search marketing clients’ campaigns.  Moreover, by effectuating whitehat, content-driven marketing initiatives with clients’ goals & objectives “top of mind,” while serving the “Greater Google Good,” significantly increases our websites organic relevancy, thrust, and “quality score.”  When we refer to “quality score” in this particular discussion, it  refers to those activities that foster the best possible placement on Google AdWords “pay-per-click,” “pay-per-engagement,” and display ad network.   In sum, our mission is to increase ROI through efficiency, lofty ideals, captivating, helpful, useful, and/or newsworthy content, which has the power to ignite and spawn conversation, comment, shares, citations, in-bound links, maximum interaction and “relevancy.”  Wrapping it up with a pretty little bow? Do the right things and the calls, clicks and conversions shall flow!