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Background, Experience & Passion signify the core differences  of Breakthrough Marketing Team’s “in the trenches” management team lead by Michael Giulianti, Founder & CEO, Ryan Kuemerle, President, and Zelick “Black Jacket Band” Gimelstein, Vice President.   

Background, Experience & Passion are the “3 kings” that differentiate Breakthrough Marketing Team from all others in the internet marketing or digital marketing space…The difference is clear….Anyone NOT in our industry prior to CPC replacing what was once a CPM driven marketplace; before Google and “text link ads” became the gold-standard, when 468 x 60 banners were coveted “media units,” and quite simply, before the “first internet bubble burst.”

Michael Giulianti, JD, Founder, CEO, Internet Pioneer, Loving Husband and Proud Father of Three Daughters:

As the founder of Breakthrough Marketing Team, a business I opened in order to make small the new big; an online marketing, website design and development, “interactive agency” tirelessly working to insure internet marketing and advertising needs of local professionals and small businesses could realize the vast potential of the forthcoming (and frighteningly still occurring) Google Avalanche!   My personal online development, advertising and marketing experience began in 1996.  Prior to Breakthrough, I was actively a part of building two online marketing companies from the ground up. The first was “DirectorsNet.com” the brain child of DGA Film Director, Lamar Card, which included Facebook-like profiles” (pre-dating Facebook mind you) for professional Directors and Composers

(ComposersNet.com) working professionally to highlight their work and online video or “sizzle reels.” Likewise, one of the site’s features was “HomeDirector.net.”  This was our attempt in creating the first video site for anyone to upload their “home videos.”  You may have guessed, lack of financing kept us from becoming the first amateur video site, which PRE-DATED YOUTUBE. Ouch.


Thankfully, and far more impressively, I was the 6th man “in” building a multi-million dollar organization founded by my long-time friend, Mark Weiss, out of NYC. MusicVision,the first and largest online music advertising network, since been sold, was born in 1998.  This was a year that marked the widespread of use of the internet; venture capital firms seeking great possibilities, and the birth of the online marketing and advertising industry.  In fact, the “pop-up blocker” didn’t even exist!   We built our company from NYC to having 5 offices throughout the country, with nearly 200 in staff. We hired world renown Music Manager Steven Leber, who had managed artists including Aerosmith, AC/DC, Def Leopard, and Michael Bolton, to name a few. Additionally, we hired away the CFO of Major League

Baseball Thomas Duffy. Mark Weiss moved me from NYC to Los Angeles where I opened and ran our West Coast office.  Our company created what would become coined “multi-platform marketing initiatives.” My clients included the likes of Universal Pictures, Fox Films, Fox Interactive, Reckitt Benckiser (Clearasil ©) and so on.

In fact, our website design and development team built the first websites for major label recording artists including NSYNC (Justin Timberlake), Aerosmith, 311, Matchbox 20, Maria Carey, and nearly 25 other multi-platinum selling artists, and sold all of their online advertising.  I say all of this not to impress you, but impress upon you as the founder of Breakthrough Marketing Team (Now but one of three incredibly talented partners),  my history as one of the true pioneers in the online marketing and advertising space is far greater than almost any of my competitors.  A difference germane to the simple question of “Why Breakthrough Marketing Team?”