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Breakthrough Marketing Team is a full-service Interactive Marketing Firm located in Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale, FL. An Award-Winning SEO, PR, Multi-Platform Marketing, WordPress Website Design & Development Firm, which Guarantees 1st page organic placement across all major search engines, “web” & “local” modules, platforms & mobile applications with nearly 200 clients dominating every area of law, medicine, insurance, contractors, profession & industry.  Call (954) 558-7830 to secure your authoritative voice and become the thought-leader in your area of expertise in your market! This is what SEO PR is all about. First page organic results that last! Our performance-based, creative content-driven system provides for long-term guaranteed first page placement.

Breakthrough Executives in short are pioneers of the internet marketing and advertising “space” having, individually, nearly 20 years professional experience successfully creating, implementing, executing & delivering multi-platform marketing campaigns, creative, compelling content, first page organic search results, internationally recognized PR campaigns, and award-winning website design & development…Obvious, but worthy of clarity, there’s NO “I” in TEAM!

Breakthrough Marketing Team, a “Google Partner Agency,” proudly delivers clients superior return on investment, while serving the “Greater Google Good.” In fact, our team, admittedly “Googlephiles,” stay vastly ahead of purported “competitors,” by shrewdly paying attention to Google, its “vision” & its “rules.”  Specifically, a comprehensive understanding of Google’s Code of Conduct or Google’s Basic Guide to Search Engine Optimization, may, “on its face” appear merely rudimentary, but from our vantage point, nothing could be farther from the truth. More poignantly, our commitment to mastering “everything Google;” each tool, application, module, platform, technology, whether in “beta test” or freely available, is at the core of our clients’ successes.

Breakthrough Marketing Team as an interactive agency in South Florida, derives enormous “breakthrough power,” which, in part, is attributed to our graceful vision, passionately driven focus, and keen sense for identifying future trends, seamlessly integrating these unique “platforms & possibilities,” then efficiently capitalizing, once again, by staying far “ahead-of-the avalanche.”  For our clients this equates to superior results, greater conversions, and maximum ROI.  You might just say, “In Google we trust!” Learn more about “The Breakthrough Difference…Our Lofty Ideals..Our Breakthrough Online Marketing Approach!”

Breakthrough Marketing Team believes quality services means quality partners.  As such, we boast our relationship for our core “Domain Names & Hosting Solutions” as an official “Godaddy Affiliate Re-seller,”  Breakthrough has become a dominant force in the Search Engine Optimization space over the past seven years with nearly 250 clients in USA & Canada, all gracing the first page of Google, Bing & Yahoo (to name a few)!  Still a “well-kept secret,”Breakthrough Marketing Team is a value-driven, performance-based, content & “thought-leadership-centric,” passionate team taking an extremely limited number of clients per market, per industry, and delivering guaranteed first page results along with some of the Highest Rated, Award Winning, WordPress Custom Designed & Developed Online Destinations (“Fancy Talk” for rocking websites!) and by sales reps at Google AdWords own admission, some of the highest converting sites across the world wide web!

Breakthrough Marketing Team’s Founder & CEO, Michael Giulianti, JD, President, Ryan Kuemerle, and Vice President, Zelick Gimelstein are dedicated to serving our clients 24/7, 365! With an unlimited amount of inventiveness, enthusiasm, and innovation, Breakthrough Marketing Team has exploded over the last seven years through delivering marked exponential growth for each and every client without fail.

Breakthrough Marketing Team’s performance-focused, creative & compelling content-driven systems for organic success are a sure-fire way to rocket to the top! SEO PR, rich media, & original video with intent! Creating one “thought-leader” in each industry, in each market, found with laser-like precision when anyone is searching for “what you do,” “where you do it,” or need the authoritative voice on the subject searched.

Specialties: Breakthrough’s “System for Guaranteed Success” is based on several fundamental weapons including:(1) Custom Designed CMS & Mobile Websites(2)”Lucky Local 7 Google Guarantee” and (3) SEO PR “Thought Leadership” Monthly Momentum Massive Action Plan.


Lucky Local Google Guarantee!

Local Lucky 7 For quite some time, local seo services have revolved around getting clients to the top of the Lucky Local 7 results by following best practices and optimizing for local search ranking factors. Organic search had its paid advertising counter part in Google Adwords… Local Lucky 7

Interactive Architecture

BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING TEAM is a full service SEO, PR, Design and Web Development Firm whose MISSION is to GUARANTEE First Page Placement and Massive Local Exposure by creating one expert in each market in each practice area, business type, or profession will be found with laser-like precision when any consumer is searching for the most relevant and highly trafficked keyword search terms and phrases most likely to generate absurdly obvioua and game-changing ROI! Breakthrough Online Marketing Firm’s Mastery of Mobile Platforms in this application-driven “Combo” algorithimic environment means our Local Search Marketing Experts Constructs Custom Web-destinations with sturdy foundations, laser-precise mechanisms to capture your choice of “conversions,” and here design actually means design! More…

Backlink Builder

What’s an Inbound or Backlink? An inbound link or “Back Link” is a hyperlink that “lives” on some other website and is “aimed” toward YOUR site…One-Way, Inbound Links are extremely POWERFUL… Google interprets “a link from page A to page B as a VOTE by page A FOR page B…”More…


Many elements of your website impact its success and failure, its potential for profit or lack thereof… Unless the elements are inextricably linked together…unless your own site content is spun like a web within itself and within the world wide web, you have no hopes of making even the slightest organic impression! More…


URLeads is an Interactive Initiative that offers multiple different levels of commitment. Breakthrough Marketing Team delivers fully CAN-SPAM Compliant, Double Opt-In, Exclusive “leads” or “client inquiries” in ‘virtual real-time’ transmitted at lightning speed to YOU via email, as a Text Message, or both! More…